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1.     de Oliveira MG, Simplicio FI, Krieger JE, Dallan LAO. Process for incorporation of S-nitrosothiols into structure of surgical adhesives based on transformation of fibrinogen into fibrin. PI04248-A. Granted in 23/03/2018.  

2.    de Oliveira MG, Shishido SM, Seabra AB. Nitric oxide donor incorporated in e.g. polyethylene glycol matrices comprises a formulation of e.g. S-nitrosocysteine. PI0004238-2. Granted in 09/05/2017. 


3.     de Oliveira MG, Shishido, S. M. ;Seabra, A.B.; Loh, W.Set of S-nitrosothiols in aqueous gels for medicines consists of nitric acid donors in e.g. Pluronic F-127 based gels. PI02011689. Granted in 09/05/2017.


4.    de Oliveira MG, Seabra AB. Set of solid e.g. polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) films consists of pure PVA containing S-nitrosothiols as nitric acid donors. P10201167-0.Granted in 20/06/2017. 


5.    de Oliveira MG, Seabra AB, Laurindo FRM. Coating stents with hydrophobic polymer blend donor of nitric oxide for use in angioplasty to prevent thrombosis and reduce restenosis. PI 0401977-6. Granted in 17/11/2015.


6.     de Oliveira MG, Shishido SM, Seabra AB, Rohweder JJR. Nitrosation system for thiols and other substrates.PI100.577-4. Menção Honrosa-Prêmio Governador do Estado, 2001. Granted in 27/08/2013.


7.     de Oliveira MG, de Souza. GFP. Dry formulation for enteric nitrosation. PI/BR102016 020040 7 PCT/BR2016/000154 (21/121016).


8.     de Oliveira MG, Seabra AB, Haddad P, Itri R, Molina M. Functionalized ferromagnetic nanoparticles used for preparing pharmaceutical composition for treating hyperthermia and infections caused by microbes. PI018120023545. 27/06/2012.


9.     de Oliveira MG, de Souza GFP, de Oliveira FG, de Oliveira CPM, Velloso LA.S-nitrosothiol-containing compositions and the use of such compositions for the treatment of fatty liver disease. US2010062059-A1 (18/12/2007).


10.  de Oliveira MG, Seabra AB, Souza GFP, Debom R, Pacheco OC. Dispositivos para a síntese e incorporação pré-aplicação de doadores de oxido nítrico em composições macromoleculares. PI0603802-6 A2. 14/09/2006. 



11.  de Oliveira MG, Moreira MA, Seabra AB, Simoes MMSG, Morato SP. Stents coated with no- and s-nitrosothiol-eluting hydrophlic polymeric blends.(WO2007012165A1)    US-2010112033-A1. 06/06/2010.


12.  de Oliveira MG Seabra AB. Production of biomedical polyesters with spontaneous NO (S-NO) functional groups comprises polyesterification of glycols with carboxylic acids, yielding S nitroso thiol groups. PI300.784. 24/02/2003. 


13.  de Oliveira MG, Atvars, TDZ. Photoreversible ink: composition and preparation method.PI 9105075-8 B1. Granted in 17/04/2001. 

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