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Nitric Oxide-releasing Biomaterials


      We develop nitric oxide (NO)-releasing biomaterials based on polymeric matrices which include solid films and hydrogels. These materials are engineered to allow the controlled release of NO in site-localized applications. Their biological actions are tested in topical applications to increase dermal vasodilation, accelerate wound healing and exert bactericidal action. We also develop NO-releasing polymers for coating implantable medical devices. In these cases, our main aims are to use the biological actions of NO released from the polymers, to improve tissue-device interaction, reduce inflammation and avoid thrombus formation.


Light-Assisted 3D printing

      We are also interested in developing novel 3D printable resins for fabricating pacient-specific biomedical devices using light-assisted technologies such as digital-light processing (DLP).  Our aim is to chemically modify biocompatible polymer matrices, such as polysaccharides, bioresorbable polyesters, and silicon-based polymers, to enable photocrosslinking during 3D printing and nitric oxide releasing after device implantation. 

Reseach interests


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