Research Interests

Nitric Oxide-releasing Biomaterials


      We develop nitric oxide (NO)-releasing biomaterials based on polymeric matrices which include solid films and hydrogels. These materials are engineered to allow the controlled release of NO in site-localized applications. Their biological actions are tested in topical applications to increase dermal vasodilation, accelerate wound healing and exert bactericidal action. We also develop NO-releasing polymers for the coating and manufacturing of implantable medical devices. In these cases, our main aims are to use the biological actions of NO released from the polymers, to improve tissue-device interaction, reduce inflammation and avoid thrombus formation.



Nitric Oxide Biochemistry


      We are also interested in understanding the biochemical mechanisms involved in the biological actions of the NO-releasing biomaterials and molecules synthesized in our lab. These studies are carried out in collaborative works with other groups at the Medical Science and Biology departments of our University and other Universities in Brazil and abroad.


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